[K30_003] V/A – Koalisi Nada

April 22nd, 2013

Cat : K30_003
Artist : Various Artists
Title : Koalisi Nada
Type : Compilation
Country : Malang, East Java, Indonesia
Label : KANAL30 Netlabel
Release date : September 21, 2012

Tracklist :
1. Alsoo – Red Wine (02:37)
2. Intenna – Little Miss Sunshine (04:40)
3. Kobra – Bisa Ular (02:41)
4. Sindikat Bergitar – Uang (04:27)
5. The Classic Cluster – Norma & Etika (02:45)
6. Timeportal – Terekam (03:35)
7. The Ratna – Addicted (03:51)
8. Video Tape – Nothing (02:34)

Produced : Koalisi Nada / All artists
Curated and Compiled : Koalisi Nada
Audio Operator : Anastasya Fahruddin
Artwork : Tomy Cash
Cover Layout : Satria Yudha Perdana
Photo : Anak Santay and band documentation

They agree and eager to be a creative independent worker in the music show, label and media which is not only as performer and aware that their music only listened by few ear but nonetheless still open and not limit themselves to running a non-profit and enjoy to share with friend from other cross-communal. Stated from those ideas, Koalisi Nada appears to be the name of minimalist show and this compilation is a starter and purpose of the eight bands together and this album is done collectively. Nothing and nobody we are, just an alliance from a minor tones. Just conceptual compilation and try to record the imperfect sound independently.

The album description
No special story from this compilation album, it is just simply as a documentation of the eight bands journey in the music to be heard.

Why them?
At the beginning it’s only matter of friendship and the eight band offer the music in their own way and perception.

The purpose of the compilation
In order to document what has been done and make a simple music show up to this album.


Download here

Contacts :
+62 852 485-63-444 (Eko Marjani)
Facebook: Koalisi Nada
Twitter: @koalisinada
Tumblr: koalisinada.tumblr.com
Mail: koalisinada@yahoo.co.id

Article Name
[K30_003] V/A - Koalisi Nada
The beginning of Koalisi Nada is actually started from the collective show held in Malang then change to be a home of the eight band; Also, Intenna, Sindikat Bergitar, the Classic Cluster, Timeportal, the Ratna, and Video Tape.

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  1. Lissa says:

    My hat is off to your astute command over this toic-pbravo!

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