[K30_007] Conflicto Urbano-Desafío Del Miedo

October 13th, 2014

Artist: Conflicto Urbano
Title: Desafío Del Miedo
Genre: Hardcore/Punk
Country: Peru

01.  No Necesito
02. Aca No Hay Amigos
03. Ego Del Odio
04. Tierra De Sombras
05.  El Precio
06. Una Razon
07. Nada
08. Prefiero Morir
09. Hoy_Por_Siempre
10. Ahora No
11. Solo Por Mi


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Article Name
[K30_007] Conflicto Urbano-Desafío Del Miedo
Conflicto Urbano was founded in March 2009 in Lima, Peru. In May 2010 the first EP , which also Conflicto Urbano is, on its own appeared . This has six pieces . In February 2012 the debut album Desafío Del Miedo. If the group was on the EP should still largely unclear what direction the band's music , so Fanzine is described that the group had found on their debut album in Perserverancia . Conflicto Urbano play an aggressive version of hardcore punk and mix it with elements of Metal. The critic but denied a classification in the metalcore genre.is comparable to the music with Terror and Hatebreed. The vocals alternate between normal and Screaming sung passages . The lyrics are all written in Spanish.

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